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We help those in the market for a used vehicle find the car of their dreams with loans that won’t have horrible interest rates. Go direct to the dealerships and their banks.

Here Is How It Works

Turn In An Application

Fill out an application with a dealership and their bank that you find via our directory of registered used car dealers. Then submit and wait for it to be approved.


Get Pre-Approved Quickly

You will be pre-approved quickly for a loan and regardless of your credit history, you will be able to secure a loan to help finance the used car of your dreams.


Purchase The Used Car of Your Dreams

Once your loan is approved you can then purchase any used car your heart desires with no hassle and with financing terms and conditions that you can afford.


Our Story

We created our website with used car buyers in mind. We know how difficult it is to secure loans and financing, especially if you don’t have an ideal credit history. Used Car Loan Interest was created to help dealers and buyers find the right used car and the right loan terms for them.

Why Go Directly Through The Dealer?

You may be wondering why you would shop loan interest rates from the registered dealerships on our website? It seems like it would be the worst place to find a good interest rate, but it is the best place to do so.

You Know What You're Getting Into

Because we vet and ensure that the dealerships that register with us are on the up and up, there is complete transparency about who these dealerships are, and therefore you won’t be talked into an interest rate and loan terms that hamper you financially.

Serving You Is Top Priority

The used car dealers that register with us will make you their top priority. It is in their interest to ensure that the transactions you have with them are smooth and not contentious. Dealing directly with a dealership is so much easier than having a third party get in the middle of negotiations and financing details.


Customize Your Interest Rate & Financing Terms

You have the option to work with these dealerships and customize a loan and an interest rate to fit what you can afford. Meaning you don’t have to worry about predatory tactics, or being unable to make your payments, all you have to worry about is financing a used car you want to drive.

Lots of Local Options Available to You

There are likely lots of used car dealerships in your area, and knowing which one can offer the best interest rates on an auto loan is not easy to do without having to go into the dealership. We allow you to shop for dealers with the best interest rates from the comfort of your own home, so you can go into the process of submitting and being approved for a loan with all the information at your fingertips ahead of time.

Check Out These Local Dealerships

These dealerships offer some of the best interest rates for used vehicles in your local area.

What To Remember About Keeping Your Interest Rate Manageable

Here are three pro tips to remember to ensure you make your payments on time and do not incur a higher interest rate.

Finance Your Vehicle With Terms You Can Afford

When you are financing your loan and setting your interest rate, make sure you that the terms are affordable and match your financial situation. Be sure to include the possibility of worst-case scenarios like losing a job or needing to save for rainy days within the terms of your loan; you never know what life can bring and you don’t want it affecting your ability to make your payments.

Do Not Be Afraid to Refinance

If you ever need to refinance the terms of your loan or reset your interest rate, do not be afraid to do so. Life is fluid, and things change, make sure you both can, and are willing to refinance whenever possible, so you never have an auto bill hanging over your head without the ability to pay it off.

Never Pay the Minimum or Be Late With Payments

Regardless of how friendly your interest rate or loan terms are, if you pay the minimum or are late to pay your monthly payments you will suffer an increase in your interest rate, and you will see your credit be negatively affected.